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ANNIBALE / Umbria / Tuoro sul Trasimeno (PG)
Parco Giochi
Swimming Pool
Vendita Prodotti
Azienda Biologica
Animali Ammessi
Accessibilità Disabili
Posizione / Località
  • Parco GiochiNo
  • Swimming PoolYes
  • Vendita ProdottiYes
  • Azienda BiologicaNo
  • Animali AmmessiYes
  • Accessibilità DisabiliNo
  • RistoranteNo
  • Roulotte ammessaNo
  • Campeggio ammessoNo
  • TariffeMedio/Basse
  • Posizione / LocalitàLago
  • Sport praticabiliBocce
  • Spighe0
  • Ettari2
  • Altitudine150
  • AgenzieNo
  • ServiziRiscaldamento
  • Posti totali8
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Phone: 075826598
Mobile: 03333009492
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Contact details
Region: Umbria
Province: Perugia
City: Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Location: Lago Trasimeno
Address: Via Snguineto N.1
Phone: 075826598
The # Hannibal # farm is situated on delicious hills of the Trasimeno Lake, in a small country village called Sanguineto. The locality takes its name from the memory of the bloody battle of the 217 A.C. between the Roman army and that Carthaginians guided from Hannibal. The zone is today bound like natural beauty. The company of Marioli Aldo, where it has center the farm holidays, practical one traditional agriculture based on the extra virgin olive oil production , wine, breeding of animals from courtyard and the cultivation of alimentary products. The lodges are builded on an old stable, everyone equipping of independent heating. Outside a great balcony with patio, and a private garden, permit an integration with the surrounding landscape and to enjoy a splendid sight of the Trasimeno Lake. The place is ideal for walks on foot and in bicycle in the outskirts and strategic point
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CitySan Secondo, ItalyUpdate time17/10/2018 01:15:47
Actual weather conditionMolto nuvolosoTemperature: 62.4° F
32%Est 2 mph
Mercoledì 17/10Possibilità di pioggiaTemperature forecast:59° F-73° F
Giovedì 18/10Parzialmente nuvolosoTemperature forecast:54° F-71° F
Venerdì 19/10SerenoTemperature forecast:51° F-74° F
Sabato 20/10SerenoTemperature forecast:52° F-72° F
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